Below mentioned topics are broad and not exclusive in nature. Any technology which helps in the crime investigation and crime prevention can be included in the list.


(Physics, Ballistics,Questioned Documents and Fingerprinting)

Problem Statements

  • Development of device for collection and detection of Fumes and Vapours produced by inflatable substances.
  • Determination of Age of Ink.
  • Determination of Sequence of Strokes Automatic identification of signatures/ handwriting .
  • Examination of digitally manipulated and machine generated document.
  • Computerized technique for identification of fired ammunition with respect to Fire Arms and creation of database.
  • Establishing the identity in the truncated, diminished and partial prints.
  • Establishing the fake prints through gloves.
  • Microscopic edgeology and poroscopy study for identification of criminals.
  • Establishing the absolute identity from sweat stains from the crime scenes.
  • Facial micro expressions to correlate demographic profiles.
  • Developing additional algorithms for existing AFIS system for criminal identification.
  • Scope of finding prospective armour materials for AP bullets.
  • 3D Forensic Facial Reconstruction.
  • Tools for Preventive Forensics.
  • Image processing methods for segmentation of striations in fired bullets A forensic expert invests lot of time to frame opinion on fired bullets, a tool with automatic segment out the striations present in a fired bullet through image processing and segmentation techniques, which is a real challenge as these marks are very fine.
  • Technological Advancement in chain of custody Cloud Computing with specific access rules in between law enforcement agencies, judiciary and Forensic laboratories. This will redefine the whole structure of chain of custody
  • Artificial Intelligence - Vehicle Registration no Index Continuous processing and smart policing for creating database and tracking the vehicles.
  • Tracking of the bullet Through GSM and RFID system to identify the alleged firearm.
  • Rapid detection of Cadavers This help to fix identity
  • Enhanced crime and criminal network analysis - Data base
  • Evaluation of Aeronautical Structures Ballistic Protection New aircraft structures with improved ballistic protection.
  • Human voice database Software and hardware solution for faster authentication and database set with less FAR for real time speaker identification
  • Drone guns Aim and fire at enemies while flying in mid-air.
  • Crime Scene Simulation tool Conventional technique involves sketching with pen and pencil in 2D format. Simulation tools will enable sketching as well reconstruction of the crime scene.


(Chemistry, Explosive, Toxicology, Narcotics)

Problem Statements

  • Development of Software for determination of geographic origin of drugs of abuse based on intermediate reaction reagents & adulterants residues.
  • Method development for analysis of animal poisons in biological samples.
  • Development of standards for narcotic drugs.
  • Development of android based image processing mobile application for automatic quantification of Thin Layer Chromatography spots.
  • Development of cost-effective portable kits based on Electro-chemical sensor for detection of narcotic drugs from physiological fluids - There are many types of sensors being developed for detection of various narcotic drugs in which electrochemical sensor could be one which is more cost-effective method. Knowledge of electrochemistry is must.
  • Designing and Manufacturing of mobile lab for narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances testing. - There are already mobile vans designed for detection of various biological fluids along with photography and crime scene kit. Taking that as fundamental all the kits required for preliminary processing of narcotics related crime a mobile van is to be designed for quick identification of narcotics at crime scene.
  • Development of tools for Geo-mapping of narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances as predictive and proactive forensics - Geo-Informatics is one strong tool which can be used to develop model to study the types of drug crime in various states of India, their pattern and predict future as an outcome of that study, which could assist law enforcement officers.
  • Development of mobile based smart sensor for detection of adulteration in petroleum products. - Adulteration of petroleum products is a grave problem faced by many countries. There are methods for detection of adulteration on lab method. A method needs to be developed which could be applicable through mobile for detection of adulteration in petroleum products.
  • Development of portable kits based on nano sensors for detection of explosives and GSR (Gunshot Residue) - As there are tremendous cases of explosions forensic investigators need sensors which could detect the presence of explosives even in nano quantities. Similarly, the sensors for detection of Gunshot residue which is trace quantity could be useful to the investigators
  • Development of various chemical bio-markers for crude oil profiling in India. - Since there are several problems related to spillage of oil and especially identification of origin of crude oil is still a vision, there are several biomarkers which could be identified for profiling and tracing of origin of crude oil.


(Serology & DNA)

Problem Statements

  • On the spot identification of source of biological fluids (saliva, semen, urine etc.)
  • Exact age estimation of a person.
  • Predicting suitability of bones for DNA profiling.
  • Development of kits for age estimation of biological fluids for forensic application.
  • Development of X-STR/Y-STR/Autosomal Kits indigenously.
  • Hand held normal PCR or Real time PCR
  • Development of cost effective and reliable instruments particularly for crime against women.


(Cyber/Computer Forensics, Mobile Forensics, Audio-Video, etc.)

Problem Statements

  • Development of software for recovery of overwritten/deleted files from CCTV/DVR/ Hard Disk.
  • Reconstruction of corrupt/bad sector video files retrieved from CCTV/DVR. Enhancement of CCTV Footage.
  • Computerized approach for decrypting data from encrypted disk partition
  • Recovery of previous user data from factory reset phones and formatted flash memory.
  • Decryption of WhatsApp database files retrieved from phone memory.
  • Development of software for identification of electronically morphed voices
  • Designing effective low-cost software that can enable the voice examiner to identify the speakers from audio files, morphed electronically using free and cheap online tools
  • Development of software for preventing dolphin attacks on smartphones or any other digital assistance
  • The idea is to design a sophisticated tool or software to prevent digital devices or AI devices from being hacked using high frequency command sounds, which can’t be heard by humans.
  • Prevention of hacking or malware attacks on the home appliances or devices working with artificial intelligence
  • To develop a solution to prevent malware or virus attacks on devices that work on artificial intelligence like smart TVs, refrigerators, washing machine, Alexa etc.
  • Development of software for authentication of audio-video footage.
  • Drone Forensic Tools.


Problem Statements

  • Forensic Assessment of Criminal behavior and its future predictability.
  • Police/Army Psychology: Recruitment, their stress management and intervention.
  • Prison Psychology: Development of Counselling, intervention, coping skills and improving subjective well- being training and rehabilitation program for prisoners/Jailor/relatives of prisoners.
  • Psychological Challenges in Schools/Colleges: For prediction of violent behavior among students,suicidal tendencies, bullying in children.
  • Challenges for NGOs: Counselling and to develop rehabilitative modules for victims of domestic violence and rape, child rights, child custody, divorce cases etc.
  • Personality Profiling through Web Content from Cyberspace
  • Formulation of Standardized Interrogation Manual for Law Enforcement Agencies
  • Stress Management Interventions for Police Personnel
  • Effective Technological Traffic Management to Augment Road Safety
  • Development of Native Emotion Face Database for Face Perception Studies
  • Development of Strategic Programs for Disarmament, Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Ex-militants
  • Neuro-Psycho-Behavioral Profilling of Criminals.
  • Cyber Psychology: Cyber stalking, Cyber bullying, Cyber Addiction.